Thanking an MP is wrong

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 I REFER   to  grant recipients  of the national or provincial governments.

The funds disbursed for projects are not the MP’s pocket money and therefore, any individual or organisation that receives  government grants should not praise an MP.  

Fo rexample, the Unitech  students  of Southern Highlands thanking  their  governor. 

If they were smart enough, they should have praised the SH provincial government or the national government or even the taxpayers of PNG.

Such attitude of thanking  an MP has built a culture whereby projects funded under DSIP and many  more  have been  claimed by elected MPs as they had funded them. 

The funding or grants are not the MP’s pocket money  or  part  of their profit in private business. 


Wabi Sumi Eyes