Thanks, airport security guard and customer service staff

Letters, Normal

LAST Saturday, I was at the Jackson Airport to meet my dad who was coming from Madang.
When his company vehicle did not turn up, we decided to get a cab.
I put all my dad’s luggage in the boot but the bag containing his important documents and laptop on the trolley.
It was only when we reached home that I realised I had left the laptop bag on the trolley.
I got into the same cab and returned to the airport to see if there was any luck in finding the bag.
At the airport, I headed to where I left the trolley when I heard my dad’s name being paged.
I went to the customer service counter and to my surprise and relief, one of the security guards who collected the trolleys, had taken the laptop bag to the customer service counter.
I cannot thank the person enough and pray that God will truly bless him.
I also want to thank Doris and the customer service staff for their promptness in making announcements on the lost bag.
All of you acted professionally and honestly.
I can only hope that there are more people like you in PNG.


Wari Puana
Port Moresby