Thanks for PNG LNG project

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday April 21st, 2016

 THE ripple effect of an action is the effects of a particular action on all its surroundings both directly and indirectly. 

The effects affecting its environment are the direct result of the action taken prior. 

The concept of “ripple effect” reminds me of one of the most fundamental discoveries in physics by Sir Isaac Newton, that “for every force there is an equal opposite force”.

Now, with this as a background, the biggest ever project that came to fruition in the young life of our country as an independent nation was and is the LNG Project. The LNG Project as we all know has a lifespan of 20 plus years. 

The previous Somare Government initially administered the project. The ripple effects of the LNG Project will be felt by the citizens of this country for the next 20 plus years.

For the government to deliver the LNG Project it needed equally determined, focused and well educated men and women behind the scene who put in tedious hours of world class submissions and presentations to lure the corporate giants of the oil and gas industry to invest in a third world country to the north of Australia not so well known to the rest of the world.

Amongst the brains behind the scene, enters the man with the title then as the Gas Project Coordinator Dairi Vele who ensured that PNG was able to sell the country’s gas to one of the world’s leading oil and gas giants, ExxonMobil. All is now history. 

Thank you Vele and others for your tireless efforts.


Abe PS Null