Thanks for the clarification


THE clarification on the title of Grand Chief and or Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu for the ‘Chief’ title by the press secretary of the office of Governor-General Madlyn M Dusse (The National on Monday, May 28) is applauded.
It has shed some light for many citizens who are using these titles to address people who are not yet bestowed with such.
This title is the highest honour in the country. People who have given outstanding service to this nation are recognised.
I would like to thank and recognised Chief GCL Matthew Numambo Siune for being the first Chimbu to be bestowed with this title.
We, Chimbus, do have Sirs in the like of Sir Iambakey Okuk, Sir
Ignatius Kilage and Sir Joseph Nombri but did not have any Chief (GCL).
You were the first and one of very few Highlanders to be bestowed with this highest honour of Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu title.
You deserve to be called Chief Matthew Numambo Siune as per clarification above.

Kamkinde Nem
Motukea Island

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