Thanks, PMGH children’s ward staff

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

I WOULD like to thank the staff at the children’s outpatient and children’s ward of Port Moresby General Hospital for their dedication.
I normally take my children to a private hospital.
A few months ago, I chose to take my infant son to PMGH, thinking he had malaria. 
It turns out it was something more serious and thanks to Dr Laki and the staff at COPD, he received the attention he needed immediately.
I had heard horror stories about the treatment of patients at PMGH, which is one reason why I opted to see private practitioners.
However, what I experienced at PMGH was an eye opener. 
The staff were attentive and dedicated to their job.
They answered young mothers neverending questions and concerns, always taking time to explain, reassure and offer support.
To the nurses, doctors and students at COPD and children’s ward, thank you for your hard work and dedication; I doubt my son would have received the same care somewhere else.  
Thank you all so much and Merry Christmas.

Tsi Giranah
Port Moresby