Thankyou Onguglo


USING verbal or vocal political propaganda have evident discrepancies on people nowadays compared to visionary leaders who does not speak too much but formulate and utilise their feasible visionary equations on how to set this world in motion.
I am a Kamaneku tribesman and from the ward 4 area (Gere-Gambagogl) of the Waiye LLG.
As the way it is, let me be vocal on my perception.
I, am final year mechanical engineering student currently studying via the PNG University of Technology, Lae.
On behalf of the struggling students of Kundiawa-Gembogl attending the above Unitech I thank my local member William Gogl Onguglo for subsidising and the disbursement of school fee funds.

David Kawage
Gere Gambagogl Nem!

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