That’s the way to go, Abal

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal has won a lot of admiration and respect.
His style of leadership is indeed a breath of fresh air for Papua New Guineans long used to the dogmatic, irresponsible arrogant and, at times, ignorant leaders and prime ministers of yesteryear.
PNG has longed for a leader who listens to the people and who does not make deals with national or international elements to the detriment of the nation.
After CS Commissioner Richard Sikani threatened an ombudsman, the acting prime minister came out and said: “I will be pushing to decommission him”.
I punched the air in delight and said “that’s my prime minister”.
That’s decisive leadership.
That is respect for the Constitution.
The fact that Abal has to “push” at all reveals the interparty powers at play.
I urge all Papua New Guineans to rally behind Sam Abal and vote the party he leads into office next year.
Let’s show this leader that the people are behind him and he should govern without fear or favour.


Daniel Hasimani