Thatcher changed course of history

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 16th April 2013

 IN 1985, British Airways had an office in Port Moresby.

Several schools decided to organise a trip to Bri-tain and France through the British Airways of­fice.

I did well that year at school so my parents 

were happy to let me go on the trip.

It was in September 

and I think it was a 10-

day trip via Singapore.

We visited Eng­land, Scotland and France du­ring our September term break.

It was a dream trip for us as many of us had ne­-ver seen such grandeur.

History was all before us – palaces, castles, le­gends, myths and it was memorable indeed.

This was also a period in which the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher ruled Britain.

So I was there when she ruled. 

I will cherish that me­mory as we all say farewell to a remarkable leader, a visionary who has changed the course of history in Britain, Europe and helped to dismantle the former Soviet Union through her perspicacity for politics by acknow­ledging Mikhail Gorba­chev as the leader the 

west can do business with.

She was also a devoted wife and a mother. 


Okuk Mori Rogerson