The Bible is our manual


THE exact day for Sabbath is found in the book of Luke 23:54-56 and Luke 24:1 (Good News Bible Version).
This is in response to the letter ‘Real day for Sabbath not named in the Bible’ by Anointed Christian in The National on June 2.
The GNBV clarifies what King James Version (KJV) mentioned about God’s creation day as first day, second day, etc.
I quote from the GNBV which precisely mentioned the real day for Sabbath.
Luke 23:54 – It was Friday (sixth-day) and the Sabbath (seventh-day) was about to begin.
Luke 23:55 – The women from Galilee went with Joseph and saw the tomb and how Jesus body was placed in it.
Luke 23:56 – Then they went back home and prepare the spices and perfumes for the body.
On the Sabbath Day (Seventh-Day) they rested as the law commanded.
Luke 24:1 – Very early on Sunday (first-day) morning the women went to the tomb.
The Bible is our manual.

Bava Gulu
Mt Hagen