The coming-together of Chimbu leaders augurs well for people

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th September 2012

IT is good to see Chimbu leaders teaming up.
It is a positive step towards development and ensuring basic services are delivered to the people across the province.
Leadership is not a position; it is about action and leading the people by recognising their values and integrity in terms of physical, social, cultural and  economic infrastructures.
Teamwork is what we need, and it must include youths, village people, councillors, church workers, non-government or-ganisations, private sectors, public institutions, bureaucrats and politicians.
Leadership is using decision-making positions to lead people based on shared values.
Chimbu leaders have taken a giant step forward to work as a team.
Teamwork is one of the most important core values of any successful enterprise, organisation or institution.
Joe Kunda’s administration has set a benchmark of accountability with effective service delivery.
What we need now is political heads and bureaucrats to work together and enhance the service delivery mechanism.
There are some pitfalls the Chimbu team must be aware of.
With due respect to the team, there are some who would have their own agenda and are prepared to do anything to achieve it.
Also, competent manpower in service delivery is essential.
We must also rid outselves of nepotism.
All this aside, we are happy to see that leaders have come together to work as a team and bring Chimbu forward.

Mathew Sil
Via email