The country mourns


NATURE stood firm as we assembled at 6am on Monday (March 1), the National Anthem was sung for the first time in a while with sincerity and pride, tears flowing steadily in everyone’s cheeks, it was solemn.
Crowd grew larger as Town Centre came closer, the NBC road normally without people was full to capacity as your old and young people marched in sorrow to their pride, their mountain of strength, wailing and weeping as they passed your house, as the house itself is empty , we are empty inside.
Nature threw cloud over us the entire walk, as your long history is repeated in my short words, your people listened with complete silence.
The Post office front resembling your dream of Independence was my preferred choice to gather.
Oh my Tunga (grandfather/father), your decision to come back home gives us peace, a peace we can only be comforted with, knowing you will be with us at home.

Suandogum Ward 7 from the Sausso local level government (LLG) in East Sepik in black and black, painted their faces in mud as a sign of respect as they mourn the passing of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare. – Picture supplied
Students, staffs and the community of Komakul Primary School in Imbonggu District of Southern Highlands mourn the passing the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare. – Picture supplied
People of Porombe Village, Yangoru Saussia District mourn the passing Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare. They say, some of them haven’t seen him but the name and story we know. His great legendary stories will be passed on from generation to generation. – Picture supplied
People of Kafana SMU village in Goroka, Eastern Highlands in mourning. – Picture supplied
Sepik community in Gomis barracks Western Highlands showing their respect for our late Grand Chief Sir Thomas Michael Somare. – Picture supplied
The walk from Perigo to Wewak town in East Sepik. – Picture by Nervikz Photography
STUDENTS from Port Moresby Technical College marched from Ela Beach to Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby on Monday to show respect for Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare. Deputy Principal Yali Yanubagi said the students took the day to join the nation in mourning the death of the father of this nation. – Nationalpic by KENNEDY BANI
KWAHUIE villagers in East Sepik joined the rest of Papua New Guinea to express sorrow at the death of the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare. They hosted their haus krai at the spot in their village in Yangoru district where Sir Michael and Lady Veronica had handed over the casket of late Dr Paton Ilimo in 1972. – Picture supplied
School children around Kiunga town, parents, general public and the Sepik Community in Kiunga, North Fly District of Western Province gathered at main oval in Kiunga, turned out in numbers on Wednesday to pay respect and honor to the founding father of PNG Sir Michael Somare. They gathered to reflect and remember the life of Sir Michael Somare. – Picture by JIM JOHN