The evil that men do


WHAT the 46-year-old father did to his biological daughter over 12 years is beyond one’s imagination.
No father in his right mind would put his daughter through such ordeal at the hands of anyone.
Daughters are said to be their father’s jewel or apple in the eye.
To read the daughter’s statement in court is painful. She said: “Every daughter is her father’s pride. Unfortunately for me, it was the opposite. It saddens me to see girls getting along well with their fathers.”
We would have loved to have named this sorry excuse for a human being who had been preying on his daughter for about 12 years, if it will expose and publicly shame him because he deserves nothing less.
She has suffered enough already at the hands of the man who should be protecting her, we will refrain. She needs our protection and support to help her get past this sad chapter in her young life.
For the daughter to tell the court of the pain and humiliation she endured and ask the judge to come up with a judgment and penalty that suit the crime is something no daughter should be put through by her father.
Her entire statement to the court captures a young girl’s sense of loss and hopelessness when the man she should be looking up to for protection and love turns around to abuse and humiliate her, robbing her of a childhood she deserves to be enjoying with her peers.
The Bible tells us repeatedly that all children are gifts from God. Every single life, every single child is a blessing. Whether they’re bringing parents pride and joy, or whether they are teaching us how to be more patient and forgiving, children are a gift from God and a source of growth for his kingdom here on Earth.
We agree with Justice Panuel Mogish that people like that father should be banished from human society and made to live in a community of uncivilized animals.
Mogish was straight with the father. Your daughter was a precious gift to you. Like any daughters, she deserved respect and protection from you.
She expected you to show love and treat her with decency and compassion.
It is a horrific, monstrous and evil crime. Such sexual acts inflicted by a father on his daughter is a gross betrayal of the sacred paternal bond.
That special trust between the father and his daughter is crushed, the sacred bond between them is cut off forever.
This father and many others who commit such offences are sick human beings and, yes, they should be extradited from decent communities and peace and law-abiding citizens.
Those who perpetrate such offences against the vulnerable, especially daughters, are monsters.
Sexual offences and crimes against vulnerable children are becoming too prevalent.
Mogish, in sentencing the father to 80 years imprisonment, told him the sentence in itself is a crushing sentence. By the time he is released, he would be 127 years told. Your speculation is good as ours on whether he can live to see his freedom.
And that sentence should be a warning to other persons with similar feelings that the law will show no mercy if it catches up with you, especially when committing shameful offences against your own children.