The good Samaritan


I speak out as an indigenous Manus islander of the manner in which our beautiful island and its peace-loving people have hit the international media all for the wrong reasons.
Asylum is an Australian issue which has been dumped in somebody else’s back yard.
It is unfortunate that the dumping ground, like the relics of World War II, had to be Manus.
The Manus government willingly participated on behalf of the PNG Government to accept these group of international rejects.
We the people of Manus supported our Government as we were of the opinion that economic spinoffs from the arrangement would be beneficial to us.
Our aspirations were thrown out the window when we realised the existence of a boomerang trade regarding security to the premises, Lorengau-Lombrum-Momote transport, catering services, water supply and accommodation services.
These were all manipulated by personnel  in strategic and authoritarian positions determined by the Australian and PNG Governments.
Manus citizens on the island and throughout PNG must speak out regarding exposure to new behavior displayed by this particular group of foreigners.
They think they can gain everything in their favor while we, the indigenous locals, accept our simple day-to-day life without demanding too much.
It is in the best interest of the international readers to know that in Papua New Guinea, although we are portrayed as a bad country, we are among the best in the world when it comes to playing the ‘Good Samaritan’ .
I would like to assure each and every one of the remaining asylum seekers in Lombrum that you will not be subjected to any harm from my people.
That is unless they are provoked.
If you do not disturb a sleeping animal, it will never harm you.

Gerard Saleu