The governor’s office is a circus

Letters, Normal

AS a Goilala living elsewhere, I have observed with interest, amazement and sadness the things that are happening within the Central governor’s office.
First and foremost, who is actually in control and running the Central provincial governor’s office?
Is it:
a) The first secretary, who has already moved
in and has occupied the governor’s personal and official office at Konedobu, unlike other previous first secretaries who have been operating from their own offices;
b) The senior project officer, who does his own thing in his office and does not report to anyone?
c) The electoral officer who likes to tell people it is him who tells the governor whom to support? According to the electoral officer, it is him who decides what projects his governor should support. Word has it that this man is already planning for life after 2012;
d) Or the protocol officer who comes in whenever she feels like?
So you see, people of Goilala, and more so the people of Central, if you are looking for a circus, don’t look far, just pop down to Konedobu and the governor’s office.
As a Goilala, I am concerned about the effectiveness of the Goilala district administrator and his staff.
The district administration is an off-shoot of the main circus.
The Goilala district administrator and his staff’s year consist of attending workshops and courses with total disregard for the district and its people.
I call on my fellow Goilalas and Central province people to be vigilant and seriously take note of what is happening around you.
Finally, I wish to remind the governor of this biblical saying: “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”
The office the governor does not belong to one ethnic group, rather it belongs to the people of Central.


Eagle eye XV
Port Moresby