The late Kingal died a great man

Letters, Normal

THE death of Pastor Joseph Kingal has shocked many people.
There has been a lot of talk and questions raised as to why such a great man of God faced such a tragedy.
Some have blamed the Works Department for the poor construction of the road that claimed his life, others said it was an accident, while some said it was due to him being tired after the week-long crusade in Madang.
I have known the late Kingal from the university days in 1993 where he gave his life to our Lord and had served Him till his death.
He had no tolerance for sin and would stand tall and say no.
He was a great man of God and was a humble man.
He had preached the Gospel to our people from all over the country and had reached places of darkness by hosting crusades and winning over many souls.
He had a dream to make sure even the stubborn-hearted heard the Word by hosting TV programmes, especially in a house where the owner is a Christian who wants to watch his programmes, and non-believers and pagans have no choice but to listen to his preaching.
The late Kingal had a vision to preach and spread the Gospel to as many people as possible in the country.
He would wear the PNG colours during his overseas crusades, taking PNG to the rest of the world who only know PNG as New Guinea.
To his critics, I am sure that it was not because of Kingal’s sin that he died.
Yes, all will die because of the original sin by Adam and Eve, and many people are scared of death because of their own sins.
The Joseph Kingal Ministry is not a business venture but a non-profit organisation set up to administer the work of God and preach the Gospel.
The ministry has grown strong because of the commitment put in by late Kingal with the support of many Christians throughout the country.
He had no house or even a permanent house of his own at his Gumanch village till his death.
He gave up his life to Jesus by leaving his Rolgaka tribesmen and families behind for the good of the Gospel.
I have never seen Kingal profiting himself from the ministry.
He always used whatever resources available for the extension of God’s work.
His father, Koka, wanted Kingal to become an accountant which he did.
But soon after graduation, he abandoned the wishes of his dad and mum to become a pastor, a decision not many would make.
He told his parents that that was a special calling from God and he had to take up that call.
I am sure that late Kingal is in Heaven and while I am sadden at his sudden passing, I am happy that he is now with God.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Andrew Pini
Port Moresby