The man who loves Rigo


Rigo district in Central now has a father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless and the husband to the widow who isready to rescue his people from their burden, especially when it comes to government services.
The man is a real Good Samaritan who bleeds and sweats with his people.
We in Rigo have not seen and heard an intending candidate or Member of Parliament say that he or she loved Rigo. Only the retired Captain Lekwa Gure has said that and he is still saying it to his people and his district.
A wonderful war cry was chanted by the people of Rigo at Kwikila Secondary School when he was declared MP for Rigo.
I was a foreigner in the Rigo inland for almost 18 years and I was involved in many elections. In all that time I did not come across anyone who moved around Rigo saying, “I love Rigo”.
This man has a big heart and his hands can reach out to the corners of Rigo to turn on the lights so he can see what the people need.

Sakale Peter
KF village
Rigo inland Mausrot

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