The National staff take tour of Lae Biscuit Company’s factory


NINETEEN staff of The National’s Lae Bureau were privileged to visit Lae Biscuit Company’s factory in Lae, Morobe, on Thursday.
Lae Biscuit, with its head office at Speed Way, produces some of the well-known brands such as Snax crackers and Navy Biscuits.
Opened in 2017, the factory houses the biggest biscuit lines with complete automation to most of the assembly line, except for packing.
There are two biscuit lines – one for flavoured and the other for plain biscuits.
Three months ago the company launched its 2019 product, the Snax Chicken Noodles.
Safety officer Tomlyst Tagla, who accompanied the staff on the facility tour, said the single noodle processing line can make up to 170 cartons of noodles per day.
“Snax Chicken Noodles is only three months old,” Tagla said.
“Right now, we do not have many clients to supply to, but it is a good product to compete in the market with other noodle brands.
“All ingredients for the product is sourced locally in PNG.”
“The only ingredient imported is the tapioka starch which we import from New Zealand.”
The National driver Yapi Yaking said he was impressed with the biscuit’s manufacturing process. “The factory is very clean and I’m sure that is why we have very nice products coming out of Lae Biscuit,” Yaking said.
The factory has a waste water treatment plant which reduces risk of pollution and the release of harmful substances to the environment.

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