The National to expand press

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The National, Friday 24th May 2013

 By Clement Kaupa

THE National plans to expand its Lae bureau by installing an additional printing press, according to general manager Andy Ng.

He visited bureau with executive director SF Yong to meet staff to identify issues that needed the management’s attention.

Ng said the Lae factory would be fitted with a new four-tower printing press, in addition to its existing Goss machine.  

The new press can print 48 pages with more colour spots in one run, a big leap from the present three runs on the Goss.  

“We have decided on this because of a high demand for colour spots from our customers,” Ng said.

He also attributed the decision to improving circulation.

“We have seen the growth but we do not want to wait until we get there,” Ng said of the newspaper’s assertive drive to expand and maintain its presence in the country. 

“Expect the new press here soon,” Ng told the Lae staff before returning to Port Moresby with Yong.