The power of money


MANY Papua New Guineans have been misled to believe that money and material gifting play an important role in winning elections and forming governments.
This belief is reinforced by candidates and political parties dishing out money and gifts during elections and manoeuvrings to form governments in PNG’s fluid electoral and parliamentary system.
However, what people fail to see is that political gifting or bribery has shrouded the minds of people to clearly define the real intent of politicians and the government.
Such political shroud breeds ignorance and cushions corruptions and lack of transparency and accountability.
However, the people should also appreciate that the laws and systems built on democratic principles have a way of refining itself, just like the oceans sweeping rubbish fed by men to the shore.
Low socioeconomic and political indicators serve this purpose and if we are not careful, we will begin to see symptoms of failed state and eventually lose our independence.
In the past few weeks, some political developments manifest how democratic principles reign over money and dishonest politics.
The Singapore court ruling on the PNG Sustainable Development Programme fund and the position of leaders from Western in support of the court decision is an example.
These leaders who represent Western people have now come to realise and understand the ill intent of the government to use them to go to court to excess the fund.
These leaders should now see Sir Mekere Morauta differently from the perception created and imposed on them by a government that was only interested in squandering their funds.
The people of Hela has gone through hell to excess benefits for gas projects on their traditional gardening and hunting land.
There have been so many court battles and recently the mining and petroleum minister asked landowners who file lawsuits to go and identify themselves in Hela. Marape and other Hela leaders watched with bleeding hearts.
They were told to support government business as Marape was in command. Marape cannot stand it further. His heart bleeds. He is a Hela man.
He cannot watch his people’s gardening and hunting land destroyed to benefit and sustain bad government and foreign interests.
Hela leaders won’t let one of their strong brothers fight this cause alone.
Some Gulf leaders have learnt from their Western and Hela cousins and strongly protest against the recent Papua LNG deal with Total.
These recent political climate indicate that the power of money and material gifting to promote bad politics are temporal and cannot withstand democracy.

Bomai D Witne

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