The problem of unemployment


THE high unemployment rate in Papua New Guinea is defined as an education-borne disease or common cultural syndrome which perennially affects the intellectual population of this country , causing extreme sufferings and poverty.
The education-borne disease (unemployment rate) needs political surgeons and not medical surgeons to treat it.
In fact, universities and colleges are the “brain manufacturing” industries producing human capitals at the end of every academic year.
The future of this nation still looms dark because the educated who have passed out from the higher institutions are continuously battling on the streets, looking for jobs while foreign expatriates are occupying the top
jobs in Papua New Guinea, especially in the extractive industry, government institutions, state-owned enterprises and companies.
Such unequal practices in the workforce are not good for the future of this nation and its people because when unemployment rate inflates on yearly basis, it creates an array of reactions, meaning it automatically helps the poverty level to rise.
Poverty promotes crime, creates syndicates breeding domestic terrorists or producing human bombs to cause more problems to law and order (judiciary arm) and eventually prostitution promotes sexual infectious diseases
pressuring the health department to spend millions of kina yearly.
To avoid more problems in this country, the unemployed must be employed to shut down the ‘terror factory’ and stop the production human bombs, otherwise this country will be at risk and prone to greater security threats in the future.
Remember, a simple change in every nuclear family is a change in the entire countruy and therefore the government of Papua New Guinea must create and give more jobs to its citizens rather than the expatriates.
We salute the PNC party for doing very well in its jurisdiction and capacity in the education sector and defining what basic universal education is for every young child in PNG a chance to read and write.
The free education policy is like an alleviating measure introduced to deflate the illiteracy rate in PNG while inflating the unemployment rate because the education system is not becoming job-oriented.
The relief measure to control and minimise the rate of unemployment entirely lies with the government of the day.
Creating job opportunities for citizens is the fundamental focus and major concern of any government anywhere in the world and PNG is no exception.
Why is PNG not solving the problem of high unemployment by creating more jobs for its citizens?
And for job creation, regional foreign policy matters to maximize PNG’s national interests through foreign investment.
That means that both geo-politics and geo-economic strategic games must be played well for the betterment of PNG and its people as far as the foreign investments is concerned, because many foreign investors and multilateral companies are the ones creating more jobs for citizens.
For any potential foreign investors, they normally look at two main areas to have greater confidence in investment: first is political stability and the second is economic stability or the situation in a country.
The economic scenario in PNG is portraying and sending bad signals to foreign potential investors.
The job of the government now is to fix economic loopholes first, and strengthen regional geo-economic to create a
conducive environment for more foreign investments to be made and create more job opportunities to reduce unemployment in PNG.
All positions in government departments or state-owned enterprises rightfully belong to the people of Papua New Guinea and not foreign expatriates.

Max M Wapi
Millep, Jiwaka


  • No man can talk abount uneployment. Unployment is is a real chanllege to all PNG. Our children go to school to get a job. The employent in PNG now is very limit as the population increse. Talking our Pulic Servince can only cater to accomdate only 2% in terms of emploment .
    Private sector can onlycater to accodate another 2% and in the informal sector can accomate only 6%. This leaves the number with 10% and the rest of the 90% of our current school leaves every year feeds where.
    Over to you for cmments.

  • Unemployment is hitting Papua New Guinea now a days. Government should have to apply expansionary monetary policy and most of all, increase foreign investment in to our country to help reduce the number of unemployment.

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