The real pride of Enga – the Taekeanda

Letters, Normal

I CONGRATULATE the Enga Mioks for making it to the inaugural bemobile Cup grand final but the best team of the day prevailed as victors at the end of the match.  
At the same time, I want to remind all the Mioks fans and other stakeholders that the rugby league team is not the real pride of Enga but the newly constructed infrastructure, blended with both modern and traditional architecture, the Enga Taekeanda.
It is right in the heart of Wabag town adjacent to Kop Mares.
Incorporated in this building is Enga’s real essence of identity.
Our cultural heritage is the source of our strength.
A nation without a culture is not a nation of its own.
One can claim to be an Engan but without knowing who you really are, where you come from and where you are going, is like a lost soul wandering aimlessly.
The cultural heritage enshrined in this Taekeanda (house of wisdom) provides Engans with a sense of being and pride.
It is intrinsic to our cultural identity and its preservation contributes to our cultural diversity. 
If you think you are an Engan, just pay a visit and you will come to terms with your own identity.
Ask the curators for access to the conference room and you will see all the wisdom of our forefathers engraved on the walls.
The collection is spectacular and mesmerising.
I commend Aki Tumu and others who made invaluable contributions to the Taekeanda.


Mac Minnala