The right to study law


I WANT to reply to a comment in Friday’s Letters section by Millep Kinzpamol, titled Teaching lawyers.
The University of Papua New Guinea has produced many of our national leaders and nothing is wrong with that. The question is where do all these leaders come from?
The answer is simple: They are the grade 12 school leavers’ who came through the secondary school system. They were not picked off the streets and sent into UPNG.
This year we’ve seen a lot of non-school leavers, including many degree holders, coming in as first year law students. Isn’t that satisfying? Stop craving for more.
People with degrees should be working and looking after their families rather than spending the rest of their life in school.
They should not be allowed back to study because they are depriving young people their right to education. Furthermore, Law is not about how many degrees you have.
It’s about how much of the concept you grasp and it’s about you understanding the nature surrounding that concept and how you apply it.
Competency is not measured in how much experience you have or how old you are.
It’s all about competition and who crosses the line first.
People always think about themselves.
Let the status quo be maintained.

Grade 12 leaver

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