The service people receive reflects the leaders chosen


PAPUA New Guinea needs more selfless leaders in all walks of life.
Voting in good and selfless leaders as MPs into Parliament and as LLG presidents into district chambers has always been a problem for many people in most parts of PNG.
It has always been madness for people during the national and LLG elections in PNG.
That is the time when most rural and urban people see a lot of money and food around villages and towns.
That is the time also when most decent people in societies go nuts by putting their “bellies” before their “heads” in making smart choices of a leader.
In 2017, 4000 plus candidates contested for open and regional seats for a 111 seat Parliament House in PNG.
The elected leaders must understand that they were elected by their people to serve the interests of the people of the 89 districts and 22 provinces they represent.
They must also accept responsibility for their misconducts and abuse of trust of their people and high offices they hold.
The people must also take responsibility for the choices that they made to elect these leaders in the first place.
For every action we all take, there are also consequences.
We must understand that when we cast our votes to elect a leader, it is our absolute right.
It is our privilege and our power. Our identity, destiny and inheritance were in those votes.
Our votes identified us with that person, his or her life, character, beliefs, values, ethics, standards and passion.
The future of this nation and its generations are in our hands.
We must make informed decisions in electing potential leaders with good leadership qualities to lead in future.
Some of our PNG societies, districts and provinces have come to a standstill and lack real developments after nearly 44 years of political independence.
Development and progress takes place only when courageous, selfless, good and skilled leaders seize the opportunity to change things for better for their people, districts, provinces and the nation.
Former US President Harry Truman once said after an election: “This is a defining moment for our great nation.
“With God’s help and our wise choices of leadership, we can turn things around for better.”
That was a great man, a CEO of a great nation, acknowledging God for who He is and will be.
Did anyone of our leaders say that?
John Maxwell, an American leadership mentor once said: “Everything rises and falls with leadership.”

BK Dara