The team doing well for Gumine

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011

 I THANK all people of Gumine for their patience over the years from lack of development and services in the district. Isolated individuals like “Peter Domgal”, “Yuri Yal” and “Nil Nera Nem” and others are also commended.

Robert Bartho may not have been through the prestigious schools but he is an achiever. Politicians need people who can deliver results to their electorate. 

We have only four years to deliver before the election year. We prefer to work with someone with that special ability to deliver results as well as being alert, spot-on and reliable.

The unprecedented rate of changes happening in Gumine is a testimony to the calibre of the person unfairly criticised. Like-minded young leaders from Gumine are joining hands with him to take their district forward and into the new millennium.

If anybody has any evidence of anyone in “This Team” purchasing properties in Australia, please do come forward and present them to the appropriate authorities. Of course we were penniless in 2007. 

The Gumine JDPBPC resolved to establish a business arm for the district to raise funds to compliment DSG funds and sustain DSIP programmes. 

We purchased some earthmoving equipment. A company called Gumine Development Corporation was registered by our lawyer who holds the single share in trust for Gumine which was to be transferred to Gumine district and the three LLGs later.

However, we did not proceed any further. We were in dialogue with the Ombudsman Commission but decided not to lose focus of our main role to serve the people. The equipment are registered under Gumine district services. They remain Gumine district’s assets. Gumine Development Corporation registered with IPA with good intensions remains just that with no assets.

The equipments are operating under Gumine District’s Works Unit. We must thank selfless people like Mr. Simon Gilmai, Ali Kee (jnr), Joe Kuman, Are Muka, Papa Siwi, Yal Nulai, Dile John, John Kama and many others who work under minimum wages and long hours to serve Gumine. The experienced and well qualified operators and engineer we have are tempted to seek greener pastures in the LNG projects but it is the ability of people like Mr. Robert Bartho who manage to hold the valuable human capital together through tough times.

A couple of equipment are hired out to make a bit of money to sustain our operations in the district which is where our priorities are. Any proceeds from these engagements are deposited into the Gumine district treasury operating account. These are then used to meet the operational costs and operator and crew salaries.

Finally, Gumine has a lot of educated people. I encourage all to criticise and offer alternatives than to hide under pen names and undo positive developments. “The Team” is here for a long haul so join and be part of the excitement. 



Lucas Dekena

Member for Gumine

Minister of Lands and 

Physical Planning