There’s no fun working for Digicel PNG

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I WOULD like to bring to the attention of the public and Labour Department certain things I am seeing at Digicel (PNG) that I can no longer keep to myself.
Some of the things I would like to highlight are:
1. Digicel staff end up working  more than what is stated in their contracts;
2. The salary does not match the experience and qualifications;
3. Junior officers, especially in the technical area, are given key network roles. Sometimes, incorrect information is relayed to the management;
4. Digicel does not provide vital training for some of its technical staff and the senior management expects them to perform. Two of my colleagues were terminated because they were not able to do what they were not trained to do; and
5. We need good managers who are qualified and can do the job to head a region or department, not a store floor supervisor who acts like a manager of a certain region. We need someone with a technical background, at least;
6. Sometimes while out on the field and dealing with local people, senior managers, especially the expatriates, who do not know what the situation is like, insist certain jobs must be completed; and
7. The HR department does not handle PNG staff grievances. How can this be allowed?
This is my country. The company should compensate and treat me fairly.


Digicel insider
Via email