There was a need to set up a logistics firm: Owner


LD Logistics Company (LDLC) was set up in 2007 by two friends and seven years later it secured a K25 million contract to deliver medicines and pharmaceutical drugs nationwide.
LDLC owner and director Francis Wagaia told the PAC inquiry that he started his company after discussing on “the need for a logistics company” with his friend who was working for the NDoH.
Wagaia, who currently has an existing K25 million contract to deliver routine medical supplies and the 100 per cent medical kits in Momase, was first contracted on a “need to basis” shortly after registering his company in 2007.
From 2007 to 2010, LDLC was carrying out deliveries for the NDoH (National Department of Health) on a “need to basis” and in 2014 won a K25.5 million contract to supply medicines nationwide.
In 2015, LDLC’s contract was extended for another year, also valued at K25.5 million.
And in 2016 and 2017, he continued to supply medicines at K25.5 million and K30 million respectively.
PAC chairman Sir John Pundari asked why there was no tender advertised from 2015 to 2017.
“Although this may sound like a success story, what does not make sense is that a company that had no experience, no capacity at that time was given a contract by the NDoH to supply medicines nationwide,” he added.
Sir John also called on EMTV deputy regional head of news Scott Waide to confirm the shortages of medicines in Morobe, a province that LDLC serviced.
Waide confirmed that in mid-2018, Morobe faced an acute shortage of medicine.
NDoH corporate manager Paul Dobsy was also called by Sir John to explain why LDLC continued to be given the contract despite the continuous complaints lodged with the department on the company’s failure to deliver supplies on time.


  • There wasn’t any Logistic company so there a need to set up this company?? Questionable??? Hope there were no connection with the NDoH

  • ” I started my company after discussing on “the need for a logistics company” with my friend who was working for the NDoH “…..very interesting…who’s that friend ?

  • Take Back PNG!
    Expose the evil and suface it. Enough is enough. We are praying for all the PAC team members. EXpose! Expose! and Expose! the evil without fear and intimidation. PNG is with you and God is with you. PNG must learn.

    Good lesson for the next generation leaders.

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