Thieves at baggage handling section

Letters, Normal

THERE are thieves in Air Niugini’s baggage handling section and I want the travelling public and the airline management know.
On Dec 28, I travelled from Lae to Port Moresby on PX103. I had a handbag which I normally carry as hand luggage but because I was carrying a watermelon and a ripe pawpaw, and to comply with airlines regulation to carry only one luggage, I decided to send my hand bag as cargo.
I forgot that my wallet was in the side pocket of my handbag. On arrival at Jackson Airport, I noticed that my handbag came out first while the rest of my luggage came out much later.
I collected my luggage and took a taxi home. When I tried to pay the taxi driver I started looking for my wallet and recalled that it was in my handbag. When I opened my handbag my wallet was gone with more than K400 in cash and some 10t, 20t, 50t and K1 coins, totalling about K8. My driver’s licence and bank card were also missing.
I immediately contacted the cargo section boss at Nadzab airport and he advised me to go back to the Jackson Airport and report to the lost property section. When I reported at Jackson, an unfriendly woman staff told me that I should not send valuable items as cargo. I told her that I was a regular traveller and it was just one of this times that I forgot to take my wallet out and, that they had no right to go through my bag.
She asked for my bag so that could reweigh them. When I went home the children had already opened the bag and ate the peanuts inside so I thought no-one would trust me if I took the empty bag back for the reweighing.
I then contacted the cargo section boss at Nadzab and suggested that he physically check the pockets of the baggage handlers and described the colour of my wallet which had my driver’s licence and bank card. He told me that he would try and since then I never heard from him.
Anyway the point I was trying to get across was to expose the thieves within the airline.


R. Kizana,
Kainantu, EHP