Thieves break into distict court office, open police cell and free detainees


Thieves broke into a district court office and trashed it, before opening the nearby police station cell and released detainees, officials say.
For the third time in the past 15 months, the Wabag district court office in Enga was broken into last Wednesday night and items stolen.
Senior provincial Magistrate Cosmos Inkisopo said properties valued at more than K20,000 in the office were stolen. It included computers, printers and a photocopy machine.
He said it was the third time criminals had broken through the door and ransacked the office in the past 15 months.
He said the court had just resumed normal activities for about a month after the last break-in when it happened again on Wednesday night.
Inkisopo is appealing to the people to assist police in their investigations.
He said the court house would be temporarily closed because there was nothing left in the office for magisterial staff to work on.
Wabag police station commander Senior Inspector John Wesa confirmed that eight people remanded for criminal offences walked out.
Wesa appealed to the people to cooperate with police to find the criminals.
He said the court provided a vital service to the people to maintain peace and harmony in the province.