Think safety first


ONE of the biggest killers in this country apart from HIV/AIDS and life-style diseases is road traffic accident.
Catching disease is simply a one-way traffic and therefore can be easily avoided by way of controlling life-style – eating and drinking – and sex life whereas motorist accidents are consequences of many things such as mechanical failure, drink drive, and/ or failures in either offensive or defensive driving.
Most telling, most compelling, is the frequency and number of people dying each year from traffic accidents and effect ripples from affecting lives to costs.
Even though we live in an age of ever-increasing safety features on cars, and better education about road safety, the alarming record of traffic accidents leading to death and or permanent injury shows more work has to done.
The National Road Safety Authority – the body responsible for road safety – must now take initiatives towards eradicating the tragedy of so many lives being lost.
And all of us who use the roads need to be part of making that happen.
Dangerous behaviour is a major factor in serious road crashes. Changing driver behaviour, such as seat belt use, speeding, distracted-driving and drink-driving would save many lives.
Education, when combined with enforcement and engineering is the best way to cut the numbers of killed or seriously injured.
The National Road Safety Authority can partner with reputable local firms with broader affiliation like Diamond Defensive Driving Academy to provide safe driving awareness, skills and trainings.
There are also other initiatives NRSA might want to consider like spearheading a community coalition similar to the European initiative of Project EDWARD (European Day Without a Road Death), to encourage road users to think safety first while driving, walking or cycling- all road users have a part to play, and small changes can make a big difference.

David Lepi

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