Think, vote good leaders


AS we are approaching the national general election, I urge voters to be considerate, realistic and vote good leaders.
We have to consider what we want out of our votes.
We shouldn’t vote for candidates who are just power-hungry.
We have to be careful with our votes.
Our university graduates need jobs, our health system needs improvement and basic services have to reach our people in the village.
We owe it to ourselves to choose the right leaders.
That’s why it is important that we study candidates and be able to determine who is right for us.
We should look beyond material goods, money and personal favours.
We should consider good leadership qualities such as honesty, transparency, competency, modesty and humility.
Vote leaders that we know can contribute well in moving our electorates forward. Most importantly, the candidates should be faithful to their spouses and children.
If a candidate is not faithful to his/her spouse and children, how can he/she lead and electorate?
Let us vote good leaders if we want to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Emmanuel Wally,