Thoughts provoked at college

Kopkop College students participating in some book activities.

The Kopkop College in Port Moresby believes it has ignited imagination and creativity among the students and helps them understand the importance of books.
It hosted a number of activities last week to mark the National Book Week, including paying a visit to the National Library with other schools in National Capital District.
Its students also participated in poster competitions, watched educational films, had lively reading sessions, wrote and read poems, did role plays, book reviews and ended the week with a book character costume parade.
PNG writer and author of “Age of Irony”, David Soroda who attended the costume parade on Friday, said he enjoyed the performances, particularly the parade, which involved a class dressing up as book characters.
The college’s librarian Margaret Maha said “the idea behind the costume parade was that having kids dress up in their favourite character inspired them to read more about those characters.
“It’s a successful part of the book week programmne at Kopkop College which the students enjoy so much.
“I think that’s a creativity that reflects the efforts put in by the teachers of Kopkop College and the students as well,” Soroda said, while pointing out the need for schools to embrace the idea of e-libraries due to the Covid-19 impact on learning in schools.
The National Book Week celebration and its fun activities embraces Kopkop College’s solid reading foundation instilled among early learners.
The college also runs an active reading programme, especially for its primary school students.