Thousands affected after floods wash away bridges

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 2nd May 2013


THOUSANDS of people in Enga were stranded yesterday when several key bridges were washed away by floods.

Seriously affected were students, ranging from secondary, high, primary and elementary schools from Sari, Kamas, Sakarip, Kiwi and nearby villages including Kopen Secondary School in Wabag. 

They were forced to remain on one side of Lai River that flows in the middle of the valley as it flooded.

Ambum, Tale and Lagaip rivers in Kompiam-Ambum, Wapenamanda and Laiagam also caused devastation with washing away of houses, stores, piggeries, poultry, food gardens, and coffee trees worth thousands of kina.

The Kiwi, Kaekin-Amusa, Tale and Talyokos-Pompabus bridges were among those washed away while many were said to be on the verge of collapse. 

It was also reported that landslides in Wapenamanda, Wabag, Kandep, Kompiam, Porgera-Paela due to two weeks of continuous rain.

Provincial disaster and emergency committee chairman and provincial administrator Dr Samson Amean, provincial police commander acting Supt Philip Welia and provincial civil works director Charles Bannah took an aerial tour of the province to inspect the damages.

An assessment report on damages will be prepared and submitted to Governor Peter Ipatas and other government agencies for deliberation and possible assistance in the next two days.