Thousands witness huge compensation

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 By Peter Esop Wari

THOUSANDS of people from the Mendi-Munihu district turned up at Kap-Mulum village to witness a compensation payment yesterday.

A total of 160 pigs, a cassowary and K143,000 in cash was given to relatives of a woman who was accidently killed in May after an argument with another woman, both married to a man from the area.

Peace and good order committees from the area stood firm and arranged the compensation payment to which the husband and his relatives agreed.

Community leader Petrick Tombo said all they wanted was peace after experiencing several tribal fights in the area.

“The problem was with the two women who fought after some little argument and that would have affected the community but mutual understanding between the two parties has resulted positively where the deceased’s family agreed and accepted the amount,” Tombo said.

Relatives of the deceased marched to the arena and received the compensation payment from the Kondup-Konzop tribe.

Leaders who witnessed the compensation praised the Kondup-Konzop tribe for working tirelessly to maintain peace.