Threats to boycott LLG elections


The local level government elections are just around the corner and the writs will open soon.
Those of us who are new, can’t wait to register and pursue their political career.
Some undone tasks are the sole reason for the former to re-contest. Interestingly, the current office holders are chasing something they think they have been deprived of.
The hard-working public servants who are always at the forefront trying their best to give something back to their people, no matter what circumstances they faced daily, are now planning to boycott the upcoming exercise We have already read in the newspaper that the East New Britain and Morobe councilors are putting their hands up and they have been backed by their LLG heads – the presidents and mayors.
Do we anticipate seeing more joining? The threat is a response to the nonpayment of outstanding allowances by the government.
Will this catchg the electoral commission off guard?
We hope that the councillors from the other centres, will stay quiet.
This is a serious matter and the department of provincial and local level government affairs should not take this lightly.
If this planned boycott becomes a reality, it will undermine our democracy as a young developing nation.
The Electoral Commission is just a facilitator.
The anus is with the department responsible to address this before the issuance of writs in August.
Those hard-working councillors deserved to be treated fairly. If they are not accommodated properly like national MPs who received salaries on fortnightly bases, huge non taxed allowances, other expansive privileges and the list goes on, then something is wrong with current structure and the way we manage this third tier government.
Can the government in detail, restructure this model?

Hanam Bill Sandu.

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