Three cheers for BSP chairman Beangke

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ON behalf of all Eastern Highlanders, I would like to congratulate Noreo Beangke, the outgoing chairman of Bank South Pacific, as PNG’s first international businessman.
He has done Eastern Highlanders and PNG proud in his many achievements, most notably being the merger of two local banks – BSP and PNGBC.
BSP, under Beangke’s guidance, has grown from strength to strength and now has branches all over the South Pacific.
It is truly a bank of the Pacific, owned by people from the Pacific.
The only markets to conquer are Asia and the rest of the world.
Now, who would have thought a PNG bank is able to do that?
For all those of you who are not shareholders, I encourage you to buy BSP shares and be a part of history.
Thank you, Beangke, you are a role model for EHP where entrepreneurs fail to succeed because jealousy is stifling and government contracts are given to those who sit on the provincial tender board.
These people are using the “system” to finance their election campaign in next year’s elections.
EHP is a microcosm of the whole country, where we do not encourage one another.
We have a poor mentality – “when one gets up, we all love to bring him down” and where the Anglo-Saxon is treated like King.
When are we going to realise that this world is now a global village where the battle is against other countries and not against ourselves?
Beangke has risen above these challenges on his way to the top and a true testament to what Eastern Highlanders can achieve.
He is someone we can aspire to follow.


Siri kippot
Port Moresby