Three govt officers on learning trip to China

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THREE government officers have been nominated to represent PNG for a three-week seminar at Peking University, China.
Rose Koyama from the Department of National Planning, Terrence Tupi from Public Service Commission and Thomas Nori from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will leave on Thursday.
The trip is fully funded by the Chinese government.
TheChinese  Embassy’s economic and commercial counselor, Liu Xuelai, presented the three officers with their airline tickets yesterday and  told them to learn fresh ideas and return with a new friendship with the people of China.
He said the programme was targetted at providing training opportunities for the developing countries.
He added that in recent years, more PNG government technical officers will be attending the courses.
Last year, there are about 60 officers went.
Mr Nori, who is the first secretary with the ministry, said the Chinese Government was  not only investing in PNG and sponsoring government officers for short courses but also promoting people-to-people contact.
“Such efforts would further enhance the existing good relations between the two countries and develop friendship among the people,” he said