Three killed, army, police step into war zone

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POLICE and soldiers contained a tribal fight that broke out in Hela last week in which three men were killed, says provincial police commander Martin Lakari.
He said police and soldiers were sent to Tari when the fight started between two tribes.
“It is best for everyone to contain law-and-order by living in peace,” Lakari said.
“The cause of the fight is known to them but they are not telling us.”
Meanwhile, deputy governor Thomas Potape has praised the work of soldiers and police officers engaged in the PNG LNG project sites in the province.
Potape said the first lot of soldiers engaged in the disaster operations in the PNG LNG operation sites at Angore, Yuni, Hides Four and Komo airfield had done a tremendous job in addressing law and order, particularly tribal fights.
Potape, the president of the Komo local level government, said tribal fighting was a serious hindrance to progress and development.
He said the engagement of soldiers and members of the police mobile squad based in and around the PNG LNG sites had really helped in reducing tribal fights.
“Now school children can move freely and the mothers can go to the market without fear,” he said.
“Warlords who moved around with guns and weapons like bush knives are now rare.
“That is what the people want. They want to live in a peaceful society that is free of threat and intimidation.”