Three-Mile clinic nurse a bully

Letters, Normal

THE adage “reading is one thing but to experience it is another” is true.
Whenever I read letters to the editor criticising our nurses, I always wondered whether they were true.
Well I found out first-hand last week that it was true.
While our nurses may be educated, they lack courtesy, manners and the most important of all, warmth and kindness.
As such, I was shocked and disgusted with the attitude of a nurse at the Three-Mile ante-natal clinic last Monday to register.
This particular nurse was shouting and screaming her head off at us to go back to our nearest clinic.
If she has a problem at home, she should not take it out on us, poor innocent mothers.
She would not even allow us to explain why we were there.
Would we have gone there if we were fine and healthy?
Common sense would have told her that we ended up at the clinic because we needed medical treatment, not her foul-mouthed treatment.
I spent the whole of last week visiting clinic after clinic – Three-Mile clinic, University clinic, Gordon clinic and Morata clinic.
All of them made excuses like not enough staff, blah, blah blah.
Come on, people, you are supposed to be trained nurses and took an oath to save lives and help the sick, not shout at your patients and give excuses.
It was only when I finally went to Gerehu clinic that I was treated like a patient.
I would like to thank and commend the nurses and sisters working at the ante-natal clinic from the bottom of my heart.
They did not ask where I came from and everyone, regardless of who you are, is served.
You are the best. Keep up the good work.
May God bless Gerehu clinic and its staff. -Concerned mother Port Moresby