Three more airstrips


Jimi, one of Jiwaka’s most rugged and disadvantaged electorates, now has three more airstrips build through DSIP funding arranged by local MP and Vice-Minister for Work’s Wake Goi.
The three recently constructed Jimi rural airstrips are at Gope, Buputunga and Tumgi.
Tumgi is already having test-landing and takeoffs done by MAF light aircraft.
The existing and operating airstrips now under MP Goi’s attention for rehabilitation and upgrade are Sendiap, Koinambe, Kol, Ambullua and Birimde.
Goi is a true leader. His projects speak volumes about the services he provides in the far-flung and most-rugged electorate of Papua New Guinea.
The subsidised K60 airfare one way is a big relief to both students and parents.

Paul Minga
Nol Binzais
POM City

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