Three school weeks suspended

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THE remaining three weeks of Term One have been suspended and students will take a four-week school holiday from Monday, says Education Minister Jimmy Uguro.
This is to allow for the implementation of national isolation strategy to contain the surge in the Covid-19 cases around the country which begins on Monday for an initial four weeks.
The second term will resume on Monday April 19.
Uguro strongly advised students to stay at home and study instead of roaming around aimlessly.
He said teachers should use the time to plan lessons so that they could catch up on the lost three-week classroom lessons when schools resumed.
They should focus on the priority lessons such as mathematics, science, English and social science.
“We have to (protect) students because the schools have many children and are overcrowded and pose a high potential of the Covid-19 spreading in school,” Uguro said.
He said emergency contacts could be through the education divisions in the province or district or the national unit control centre.
“The suspension of class will not affect the school calendar but it’s only the timing,” Uguro said.
“We are taking three weeks off Term One.”
He said the learning process would be disrupted but teachers would be advised on how to catch up with the three weeks lost.

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