Three women among candidates eyeing seat

PNC party leader Peter O’Neill at Goroka to endorse MP Henry Ame.

THREE women are among 22 candidates who will be contesting the Goroka by-election in Eastern Highlands, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says.
He said the three were businesswoman Serina Heriso Kengermar, surveyor Mary Pati and Goroka Show chairman and tour operator Keryn Hargreaves.
Gamato acknowledged the three women for putting their hands up to represent the people of Goroka.
Pati is endorsed by Model Nation Party while Kengermar and Hargreaves were independent candidates.
Gamato said that ousted MP Henry Ame and petitioner Bire Kimisopa also nominated to contest the by-election.
In the 2017 election, a total of 31 candidates nominated to contest the Goroka seat.
The 31 included four females candidates.
Polling is for 14 days and starts on Sept 12 and ends on Sept 25 while counting will be for 21 days starting on Sept 26.
The election writ will be returned on or before Oct 16 to officially conclude the by-election.
Gamato appealed to the public in Goroka, especially candidates, supporters and voters to strictly observe social distancing.
“I have issued specific instructions to the returning officer, assistant returning officers and temporary electoral workers to abide by the mandatory requirements in wearing face masks, observe and apply physical distancing, personal hygiene and keeping crowds to no more than 100 persons during the election process,” he said.
Meanwhile, PNC party leader Peter O’Neill visited Goroka to endorse Ame.
O’Neill said PNC would continue to work hard to overcome the damage inflicted on the province and the country due to the current government’s failures over the past year.
The total number of candidates that nominated at the close of nominations yesterday afternoon: Gipene Pirehu (Independent), Henry Ame (People’s National Congress), Wilson Thomson (Country Party), Steven Rere (Ind), Ben Noel (Ind), Willie Yoba (Ind), Dominic Gahane (United Labor Party), Bire Kimisopa (New Generation Party), Emmanuel Ijape (Social Democratic Party), Elijah Gomae (United Resources Party), Joe Bulhage (Ind), Jeffrey Sasuwo (Melanesian Alliance Party), Kupa Janis (Ind), Ms Serina Kengermar (Ind), Mary Pati (Model Nation Party), Keryn Hargreaves (Ind), Albert Wamiri (Ind), Kiatro Abisinito (Ind), Hebert Pokana (Ind), Aiye Tambua (Ind), Ark Ketauwo (Ind), Thompson Haroka’veh (Pangu).