Thugs pick on wives of public servants

Lae News, Normal


WIVES of two government officers in Wau and Bulolo have been attacked and robbed by people claiming to be upset with their husbands.
Cathy, wife of Wau rural LLG manager Tai Gwanbelek, and Lansa, wife of Wau-Bulolo town manager Zure Tudi, were held up at a cliff side near Pine Top and robbed of all their bags’ contents last Wednesday.
The women were walking from Missus Booth to Pine Top to get to Bulolo town for family business when thugs held them at knife-point and stole their purses, bank cards and mobile phones.
Mrs Gwambelek said the thugs queried: “Where are both your husbands when the road is inaccessible?
“They are doing nothing while the road is getting worse.”
Mr Gwambelek appealed to the communities residing along the section of the road to understand that the maintenance of the deteriorating road lies with the Works Department.
“It starts at the Markham bridge in Lae and ends at the Kathleen Lehman School (KLS) gate in Wau,” he said.
“Common sense and understanding has to prevail. It is the National Government’s obligation and we, at the LLG level cannot by-pass them, unless they advise us to do so,” Mr Gwambelek said.
He urged the National Government to act quickly before more serious problems arise.
One of the major problems is the movement of freight for the Hidden Valley gold mine between Lae and Wau.