Thugs posing threats


ON Sunday afternoon, I went to Tokarara to visit a family.
I went to Gordon and got on the first bus that was going to Waigani and Gerehu.
As I was about to enter the bus, three boys rushed out and head into the crowd of people.
I didn’t know what happened and jumped into the bus after they came out.
I could see the dismays and anger at the faces of passengers in the bus.
I sat down and asked a passenger next to me what happened and he said the three boys came in and held up a Papuan couple sitting in the bus and took their mobile phones and ran away.
I turned around and looked at the faces of the Papuan couple.
They looked very frightened and a feeling of hatred ran through me.
How could the Highlanders come and squat in Port Moresby on the land of these Papuans and do that to them?
During that short trip to Waigani, nobody talked.
We were all silent.
I went down at Waigani and took a Tokarara route bus and went to visit the family.
After my visit was over, I came back to Gordon, which was
around 6.30pm, and it was getting dark.
People were rushing to get home.
I hopped onto a bus going to Wildlife and found a seat at the corner.
The bus was really full with about five youths standing on the doorway.
They were forcing the crew to collect K2 busfare from passengers and I was sensing that we might be robbed under the Erima overhead bridge.
True to my suspicion, they ordered the bus driver to stop under the bridge and they tried to grab the daily takings from the crew but were unsuccessful.
They grabbed one of the passenger sitting at the doorway and wanted to pull him out but he was a young man and he managed to struggled himself free.
When the driver realised what has happened, took off and saved the rest of the passengers.
I came home very disappointed because of what has happened and felt very sorry for those who fell victim to the hands of those street thugs who live off other people’s sweat.
I thank God that I was safe from the hands of those street scavengers.
I can see that the lives of the people are in real danger.
I request the NCD police command to look into this issue of street thugs seriously and address it accordingly and make Port Moresby a safe place to live.

Aglum Peter Guambo,
Via the NCD Police Crime Alert Facebook page


  • Bernard Kipit should come up with initiatives to effectively address issues seriously affecting the safety of citizens and visitors alike in the city instead of devising self serving schemes to hire ruthless criminals to shoot harmless vendors and their associates.

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