Thunderstorm causes flooding in Pom

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PORT Moresby was hit by a three-and-a-half hour thunderstorm yesterday, registering the capital’s highest rainfall of 61.6cm in the current wet season.
Strong winds started lashing the capital at 11am, accompanied by torrential rain until 2.30pm.
The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that heavy rains would continue, particularly in the evenings till the weekend. The same is expected for Central, Oro and Milne Bay provinces.
Normal rainfall is also being experienced nationwide as the monsoon season unleashes its might.
The NWS said it would be able to have comprehensive rainfall measurements from other centres at the end of the month.
The city’s main roads were hit by flash floods, forcing motorists to slow down and resulting in traffic congestion.
The flash floods, caused by poor drainage, also affected the Poreporena Freeway.
According to the NWS, the total rainfall in the city was 87.7mm by the evening.
Low pressure build-up over the Cape York peninsula that brought about strong winds currently being felt on the PNG southern coast is slowly heading southeast.
The NWS said gale storms (wind and rain) would only ease over the weekend.
Forecasters at the NWS urged the public to take every precaution and continue to observe the weather patterns and warnings issued during the monsoon season.
Last week, the National Disaster Centre (NDC) called for a nationwide alert as floods, strong winds, landslips and rough seas would be widespread.
The NDC also advised coastal communities to look out for possible sea swells and tide surges.