Thursday set for ruling on former public servant’s stealing case


A FORMER government officer charged with stealing more than K115,000 from another person’s bank account will return to court on Thursday for a ruling on her case.
Magistrate Garry Unjo adjourned the case of Amanda Yeou, 25, from Sossi village, Vanimo-Green, West Sepik, a former public servant at the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, to Thursday.
“The files were not brought to my chambers when the case last came to court,” he said.
“I will have to get the files from the court clerk, come on Thursday.”
Yeou was alleged to have accessed Leah Margis’ Bank South Pacific personal savings account and allegedly spent K115,859 from Jan 5 to May 7, last year, without Margis’ consent. Yeou and Margis were former colleagues.
A bank statement indicated excessive unauthorised withdrawals from Margis’ bank account.
On Aug 6, it was alleged that Yeou admitted to stealing Margis’ Kundu card.
Yeou allegedly did not get Margis’ permission on any of her spending while in possession of the card.
When questioned by police, Yeou said: “Leah put allegations to me that’s why I said yes”.
Yeou was then arrested and charged with one count of stealing.
She is out on a K2,000 court bail.

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