Tiensten calls for a united NA

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NATIONAL Planning Minister and Pomio MP Paul Tiensten has called on his fellow National Alliance members from the New Guinea Islands region to reconcile and show solidarity.
Mr Tiensten urged governors Leo Dion (East New Britain), Peter Humphreys (West New Britain) and Fidelis Semoso (Bougainville) to work together.
He also called on the executives of the National Alliance party to play a proactive role by establishing appropriate mechanisms to restore peace amongst parliamentary wing and the non-parliamentary wing for the sake of the party and the country.
He made the statement in light of calls for him to be sacked by the Prime Minister and the division in the party.
“We are here to start the healing process, what happened two weeks ago must be forgotten.
“We must now concentrate on our mandated roles to bring services to the New Guinea Island people to demonstrate that we are united again,” Mr Tiensten said.
Those that were behind the minister in his appeal yesterday at the Vulupindi Haus in Port Moresby were Kokopo MP Patrick Tammur, Manus Governor Michael Sapau and other NA members.
Mr Tiensten indicated that the differences and instability in the NA party was caused by misunderstanding.
However, he said the healing process had already started and made the call to the three NA members to come forward to work together for the betterment of the people in the New Guinea Islands region.
He stressed that some issues were not for the media to know and the country because they were leaders mandated to carry out their duties and at the same time fix their problems internally.
When asked if he was still the leader of the party he answered: “And what do you think?”
He said it was a legal question and for the moment they wanted this nonsense to stop and restore confidence.
Meanwhile, Mr Tammur said enough was said and thrown at each other over the last few weeks and it was only proper for the three members to reconcile and solve the issues internally for the betterment of the people they serve.
Meanwhile, Mr Sapau said there were internal issues and could only be resolved within the NA party.