Tiensten goes to court over NA expulsion

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National Planning Minister and Member for Pomio Paul Tiensten has taken legal action against everything that has transpired before him in the past few weeks.
He said in Kokopo yesterday that a Member of Parliament, he had the right to take the issue to court because he had done so much as a member serving under the National Alliance party and needed to be given some respect.
Mr Tiensten said the question of his expulsion and leadership with the NGI NA branch was before the courts.
“What has transpired is the ENB branch has overstepped the mark, they do not have authority to expel members and it is very clear in the NA constitution.”
He said what the ENB branch had done was to undermine their own constitution as it was clear that they could only lay a complaint to national executives who have the power and authority to deal with members.
“I believe the precedent set by the ENB branch needs to be corrected, what they have done is they have short-circuit the process.
“We need to correct this. That’s why I am taking the matter to court,” Mr Tiensten said.