Tiensten: MDG report honest

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THE Medium Development Goal (MDG) report gives an honest assessment of the current status of MDG in Papua New Guinea.
“It tells us that in recent years, PNG has been able to achieve a high rate of economic growth, but this growth has not been properly translated into the achievement of the MDG,” National Planning and District Development Minister Paul Tiensten said.
“As such, PNG is far away from achieving the international and localised MDG targets on health, education and gender equality.
“We lack data to properly monitor and assess progress on poverty, environment and global partnership for development with regards to the MDG,” he said.
“We are optimistic about the future and we want PNG to improve its performance in attaining overall human development and the MDG targets.”
Mr Tiensten also indicated at the launch of the MDG second report in Port Moresby on Monday that the Government had, since 2004, embarked on aligning its development plans and strategies to directly address socio-economic issues that had been obstacles to national development as well as in achieving global targets.
“Therefore, last year, the country’s National Strategic Plan 2010-50 or Vision 2050 was launched with the aim of focusing on human capital development as the catalyst for the implementation of the seven strategic pillars of the country,” Mr Tiensten said.