Tiensten must probe LNG funds use

Letters, Normal

I REFER to National Panning Minister Paul Tiensten’s statement on his intention to institute departmental investigation team to establish LNG MOA funds misuse (The National, Jan 7).
I wonder why Mr Tiensten wants to investigate how millions of kina earmarked as MOA funds were used. It is commonly known that the funds were used to bulldoze the LNG agreements to favour certain government MPs and the developers.
The amounts dished out were massive but they will not have any impact on the lives of the people living in the LNG project area or the provinces that host the LNG project. The Minister concerned and his Government had dished out the money, knowing that it was not for any tangible project that will bring changes to the majority in the project area.
Why should the Minister flush out huge amounts of money to individual LNG landowner groups knowing that these funds would not be properly accounted for. The Minister should know that these landowners groups do not have the capacity to implement huge MOA projects. The Minister should know that projects budgeted were projects amounting into millions. The release of such funds should be done by applying proper government financial procedures like proper contracts and tender process thus the Government should be responsible for any misuse of the funds.
It is the Minister for Planning and those responsible who should be investigated and blamed for the misuse of MOA fund. Or else, Mr Tiensten should be on the ground to officiate all the projects that were implemented from the MOA funds that he recently dished out, prior to signing of MOA Agreements.
I do not think MOA funds were properly used but consumed in Port Moresby by so-called landowners and certain MPs. So if the Government is serious about seeing any changes in the area in the future it should be regulating how future MOA funds can be used. Otherwise, the LNG project will be like a milking cow by LNG landowners during the LNG project life span.


Ondupiri Nakio,
Mendi, Southern
Highlands province