Tiensten still the preferred

Letters, Normal

THE New Guinea Islands bloc of the National Alliance party has decided to appoint a new leader amid speculations within the NGI bloc.
While it is a party matter that Paul Tiensten had not been providing leadership for the past two years I believe he is young and highly educated and can be groomed further to become a good party leader over time.
He is among the young turks which Sir Michael Somare could rely on to govern the country effectively.
Mr Tiensten has seven years experience and by now should have the full knowledge of how to run a ministry and a department.
While it is the prerogative of Sir Michael to listen to the NGI bloc, he should also check and separate facts from allegations.
Perhaps it is not too late to bring everyone to a round-table meeting to sort out the mess.
We cannot afford to replace a person who had done well in the past seven years and replace him with another who will take another seven years to learn.


Hare Igini,
Doma Peaks, Hela